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Glorious Property Holdings

Credit Glorious Property Holdings is a global leader in offering financial products and services to individuals, businesses, and institutions, during 2023 it achieved an “A” rating rating, according to the Basel parameters, with a default risk of 0.07%.

We work alongside our clients with one purpose: to help them improve their financial well-being. Our business aims to build reliable relationships in international trade. We develop the conditions that make it possible: we offer international sureties and guarantees, letters of credit, standby letters of credit, and financing services that create a wide range of all the most important solutions designed to minimize the risks of global transactions and encourage the internationalization of companies.

Credit Glorious Property Holdings is a private financial company entirely owned by Glorious Property Holdings (U.S.A. company) one of the most important investment companies active in the world.

Credit Glorious Property Holdings operates in Europe from its London entity (share capital GBP 200,000,000) and is also present in Asia <span style="font-weight: 400;" with an entity in Hong Kong (share capital HK $ 1,550,110,000).

In this way it is able to guarantee global coverage, operating in the main European markets and in South-East Asia.

All corporate documents are available online at the download center page of this website.

On Time.

Our goal is to provide the requested services, quickly and successfully.

A team of

Dynamism, organization and skills are a must for our team of professionals.


Financial support to companies for the development of their business.


Expertise & worldwide

All the products provided by Credit Glorious Property Holdings are released in the banking system by SWIFT to ensure an additional validity certification of its financial instruments. The company’s staff is fluent in different languages such as English, French, and Italian to face the best way the international client base.


More than
40 years of experience

Managers have extensively experienced, acquired in the finance world and improved in the leading financial institutes present in the more notable business locations worldwide.

The software and the technologies used by Glorious Property Holdings have been developed and are continually being improved to respond in the most effective way to the various customers’ needs, carrying out all the changes that are necessary to obtain the final result and so allowing a prompt and fast response to the clients’ needs.

L’intera gamma di servizi offerti da CGPH è stata sviluppata e continuamente perfezionata, in modo da rispondere nel modo più efficace alle rispettive esigenze dei clienti, ponendo in essere tutte le necessarie e doverose modifiche al fine di ottenere il risultato finale richiesto, permettendo, in tal modo, una pronta e sicura risposta alle esigenze dei clienti.

Credit Glorious Property Holdings is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), adheres to its guidelines and also addresses ICC International Arbitration for dispute resolution