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Credit Glorious is the leading financial institution in the international financial sector that can help you obtain financial products from top rated banks.

The rating of a bank or institution, assigned by accredited global agencies such as Standard and Poor's, Moody's, and Fitch, is crucial for evaluating and determining the ability of a company (or a public entity) to meet its debt obligations. To achieve all the goals set for your business, it is important to always assess the best available options in the market.

Our advisory improves the quality of terms and conditions obtained

Our support is constant over time

International means better efficiency and recognizable products

Our expertise deserves your trust

A high rating, such as an A rating, ensures the highest level of reliability regarding the long-term solvency of a financial security. Your company deserves to benefit from only the best services available in the market.

Our proposal protects you from risks and provides you with the opportunity to have the guarantees you present accepted with certainty, or to obtain, subject to evaluation by your bank, the monetization of your instruments without any difficulty, by accessing, for example, a Collateral Transfer service.


In order to create and consolidate stable relationships in the global market, we strategically offer you products aimed at minimizing the risks of your transactions worldwide because our mission is to facilitate the internationalization of your business by providing a solution to all your needs.

Service description

Credit Glorious provides you with guarantees and financial products from top-rated institutions, such as the Collateral Transfer, an innovative financial instrument that allows you to maximize the value of your assets without having to sell them. Our Collateral Transfer services are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Collateral Transfer is a financial transaction in which securities or assets of an entity are temporarily transferred to another party, typically a financial institution or a bank, in exchange for obtaining financing or other benefits.

The know-how we possess enables us to quickly provide you with access to the Collateral Transfer service you need. That's why choosing Credit Glorious represents the best opportunity you can access to achieve your goal.

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